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DIY Experience Audit Worksheet (Digital Download)

DIY Experience Audit Worksheet (Digital Download)

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This DIY Experience Audit Worksheet is designed to help you improve your event experience.

Download, print and use this resource to audit your own events. On the DIY Experience Audit Worksheet you will find questions and prompts with space to write down ideas and real-time feedback to make your event better and better.

In this worksheet, you will find ratings and questions you can ask as you evaluate an event and find a plan for improvement. This document can be used for events you are planning or events you are attending.

This is a comprehensive examination or review for where an event is and a guide for where it can be in the future.

By using this worksheet, you will discover the best parts of an event and learn how to take your event to the next level.


In six sections we break down the main elements of the event experience.

These are the six sections of every event to be audited:

  1. Background Info
  2. Pre-Event
  3. Event Space Layout
  4. Event Technology
  5. Event Schedule
  6. Event Production
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