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Ultimate Virtual Event Toolbox

Ultimate Virtual Event Toolbox

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Are you getting ready to host a virtual event?

We've got you covered with every checklist and moving part you may need to think about before you get started. 

In the Ultimate Virtual Event Toolbox, you'll find:

  • The Elevate Flight Plan: 25 pages of questions and fill-in-the-black spaces to help you plan your best event ever.
  • The DIY Experience Audit: A template to help you evaluate and improve each event to event. 
  • The Book My Ideal Speaker Checklist: The step-by-step guide to make sure your speakers show up on time
  • The Real-Time Social Media Checklist: A to-do list for your social media team to post during your event. 
  • The DJ Equipment Essentials Inventory: All the equipment you need to have for your DJ to plug in. 
  • The Comprehensive Speaker Email Templates: Book and give your speakers all the info they need.
  • The Effective Virtual Help Desk Setup: How to prepare an effective help desk for your virtual event. 
  • The #Blessed Speaker Gift Pack: What to include in a gift to make your presenters feel appreciated.
  • The Keynote Speaker Media Kit: A list of what to send your speakers to promote to their communities. 
  • How to Hire & Maximize a Virtual Sketch Artist: A step-by-step guide with recommendations for your next event. 
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